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Implementing evidence-based digital health solutions to democratize healthcare

What we do

We work with you to co-create evidence-based digital platforms tailored specifically for your unique needs and context

We customize, implement and advise on
 scientifically proven digital health solutions and how to best deploy them

Our mission is to democratize validated digital healthcare for all 

Choose a topic and we'll work with you to implement the best suited and proven digital health solutions in your existing platforms or deploy them in a new platform based on UhDa remote patient monitoring and data collection technologies

Discover some of our evidence-based solutions...

TOPIC: Improve surgery outcomes

SOLUTION: Personalised prehabilitation platform for patients before surgery

TOPIC: Reduce frailty in elderly

SOLUTION: Multi-component digital physical training and monitoring programs

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TOPIC: Adherence to smoking cessation

SOLUTION: Clinically validated digital therapeutics supporting behaviour change

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Let us know what kind of solution or topic you're interested in to find out more

Join ongoing pilots to help build the scientific evidence behind new digital health solutions or deploy your own study to generate the scientific evidence you need

Discover some of our ongoing pilots...

TOPIC: Building scientific evidence for a monitoring platform for Long COVID


Adhera Health

TOPIC: Building scientific evidence on patient monitoring and warning signals for fall fractures

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TOPIC: Building scientific evidence on how secure digital health certificates and other digital tools can help manage future pandemics

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Choose your package 

We work with you to co-create your own digital health platform based on UhDa technologies integrating evidence-based digital health solutions

Effectively monitor your patients' health in real-time using UhDa Monitoring, our remote patient monitoring platform combining a patient care app, integrated wearables and clinician care management dashboard

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Quickly and easily create and deploy your own studies with UhDa Studies, our user-friendly data collection application and data management dashboard

We work with you to integrate and implement evidence-based digital health solutions in your existing platforms

If you're still in the early phases of ideation, we work with you to investigate, conceptualize, co-design and formulate the best package of evidence-based solutions or digital health platform for your needs

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UhDa Partners

Our partners provide evidence-based digital health solutions to make your UhDa project even more complete

From digital consent form signing
 to monitoring medication adherence, we have a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs

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UhDa Family

One of our core values is collaboration in the vision to improve global health through increased access to digital health

Members of the UhDa Family are projects and companies that share our values

About Us

UhDa Real World Implementations

About UhDa

UhDa • Universal Health Digital Access • is a spin-off of UniversalDoctor, the Digital Global Health Company, as a result of years of experience in the cross-cutting space between digital health and global health. 

With UhDa, we are deploying a novel approach to health innovation through the co-creation of composite and hybrid solutions that connect different technologies to generate unique products and services to support healthcare institutions, providers and patients in the search of better health.

Get in touch

If you want more information about UhDa, or you think our services could be a good fit for your project, feel free to contact us!

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